Dr. Gabor Mateo is a leading edge Addiction educator and treatment professional from Vancouver Canada. He understands that addiction is not about the drugs or addictive substances we use but understanding why we need them. That is the problem that needs solving that recovery addresses. What Ernie Larson calls self-defeating learned behaviors

Recovery Resources for Substance Abuse

Rhode Island Alcoholics Anonymous


Meeting lists and resources for connecting to AA in Rhode Island

Best Recovery Video-Education Site


Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Site

Alcoholics Anonymous world service site

AA world website has all the resources for AA literature free, History of AA, announcement for conventions world wide and changes in the program of recovery

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Dick B is the largest collector of AA recovery information in The USA. He has been in recovery for three decades and has researched all of the archives on what happened when Bill Wilson started AA

Nationwide Online Meeting connection

Great resource for online meetings running daily

Great online resource for daily AA meetings running with the ability to share experience strength and hope